Grey Wigs

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Go grey and embrace the silver look by choosing a grey wig; the trendiest colour of them all. From smoke grey shades to silver blonde shades, grey is a versatile colour and can be particularly chic and flattering. If you are looking for a wig in this shade, Joseph’s Wigs can help. With brands such as Ellen Wille, Natural Image and Dimples offering plenty of wigs in this stunning colour, you will be spoilt for choice when selecting a grey wig!



How to Find the Right Grey Wig

Although grey tends to complement all skin tones and individuals, deciding whether to opt for a wig in this shade can be difficult as there’s so much choice. Shades of grey include smoke, pearl grey, silver blonde, salt and pepper grey and white grey amongst others. When it comes to selecting a grey wig it’s all down to personal preference and comfort which can be determined by trying on different styles. However, to help make the decision a little easier take a loot at some of Joseph’s Wigs most popular grey wigs including budget friendly synthetic styles and human hair styles. Explore our extensive range of grey wigs to find your perfect match.

Popular Grey Wigs

ellen wille long grey wig

On Trend Grey Wig Styles from Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille’s Hairpower collection features a great collection of gorgeous grey wigs in a wide range of shades. These fibre grey wigs will have you feeling super stylish, confident and comfortable.

Light Mono Wig

Going for that short classic style? The Light Mono Wig features a layered cut and a sweeping fringe. Made from the finest grade materials for optimum comfort and security, this stunning wig is packed full of sass. This wig looks gorgeous in light grey shades of pearl mix or snow mix that will have you feeling young and festive. Alternatively, if you want a darker grey wig, go for the shade Stonegrey.

The Risk Wig

Another option from Ellen Wig is The Risk Wig available in a gorgeous light grey shade; Silver mix. Also, short and classic, this style is made using the most natural fibre hairs and is designed to provide you with a snug and secure fit. This wig is extremely breathable and lightweight, ideal for those undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from alopecia.

Citta Mono Wig

If you’d prefer a darker grey wig, then Ellen Wille Citta Mono Wig in the shade Salt/Pepper Mix or Silver Rooted may be the right style for you. A gorgeous, short style this wig is effortlessly modern and creates the illusion of natural hair . It’s perfect if you’re looking for a wig that’s easy to maintain but also if you’re looking for volume and thickness.

Alba Comfort Wig

Be stunning in the Ellen Wille Alba Comfort Wig in the Smoke mix shade. Classic and comfortable, this wig is of the highest specification. It’s a natural looking fibre hair wig that can be styled using fibre wig products in any way you please. With a short-layered top, this style allows you to stay looking beautiful day to day. Whether you’re off to the shops or out for a dinner, just a little tease with your fingers to style and you’re off!

Grey Wig Styles from Dimples

ellen wille grey apart mono wigAnother go to brand for grey wigs is Dimples with plenty of styles and shades to choose from.

The Orly Wig

If you’re looking for something timeless and sophisticated, the Orly Wig may for you. This Twiggy inspired wig is made using the softest and most lightweight materials available; ideal for those undergoing chemotherapy or those with sensitive scalps. The silver thread shade will match this style perfectly and will give you that immediate glow. The cut creates a wraparound effect which frames your face beautifully and perfectly emphasises your features.

The Emma Wig

Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone? Reflecting the style of Audrey Hepburn, the Emma Wig is a classic short style constructed with a soft wefted cap and high quality materials. The Autumn Grey shade is particularly versatile and can suit any skin tone in any season, whether it be rain or shine. The highlighted layered style emphasises the lighter shades in the mix and works to brighten your complexion.

Other Popular Grey Wigs

Love Comfort Wig – Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection

April Wig – Natural Image

Find the Right Grey Wig for You

Although grey wigs can easily complement any skin colour or face shape, Joseph’s wigs are here to help you find the perfect style for you. Book an appointment with our expert staff and you can try on as many grey wigs as possible in smoke shades, pearl shades, white shades in various styles to match! Alternatively, if you can’t book a personal appointment with us, Joseph’s Wigs are more than happy to offer advice on finding the right wig. Contact us by calling 020 8648 554 or email