Brown Wigs

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From ashy brown to dark chocolate, brown shades remain the firm favourite when it comes to selecting the perfect wig. Joseph’s Wigs stock a wide variety of beautiful brown wigs in various tones and styles, with options from our range of popular, trusted brands including Amore, Noriko, and Jon Renau. Brown hair often gets a bad reputation for being ‘boring’ - we want you to know that with the right wig, it can be anything but!



Choosing a Brown Wig

ellen wille obsession wigBrown is a universally flattering shade that will suit everyone so you could say that brunette is best. From cappuccino to medium brown to dark chocolate shades, there are shades of brown wigs to suit every taste and skin tone. It’s worthwhile considering that while brown suits most people, there are some hues that may complement you more than others! The key to selecting the perfect brunette lies in the ability to pick a shade that perfectly contrasts your skin tone.

There’s an easy way to check your undertone: simply flip your wrist and inspect the colour of the veins you can see – if they lean towards green, then you have warm undertones; if they instead appear blue, then you have cool undertones. If your veins appear to be a colour somewhere in the middle, lucky you! Your undertones are likely neutral, and you can probably pull off any shade of brown. If you have warm undertones, cool brown shades will look beautiful with your skin. Shades like chestnut, mocha, and dark chocolate will really work to brighten up your complexion.

If you have cool undertones, warm brown hues on the opposite end of the spectrum will make your complexion really pop. Shades like chestnut, golden brown, honey brown, or red brown are perfect for you.

If in doubt, the best way to decide which wig shade is best for you is to try on as many brown wigs as possible till you find one you like.

Popular Brown Wigs

Brown wigs are perhaps the most sought after due to their versatility meaning there is an extensive array of different styles to choose from! Joseph’s Wigs give you our expert guidance on the best brown wigs incorporating monofilament and lace front brown wigs.

Brunette Wigs by Amore

For the widest range of brown shades, Amore is the go to brand with styles such as the Codi Wig and Erika Wig being popular choices! Both styles are extremely lightweight due to their double monofilament top, offering true comfort for the wearer and come in various gorgeous shades including Mochaccino, Dark Chocolate and Espresso.

Emotion by Ellen Wille

If you’re looking for a natural looking brown wig, the Emotion wig by Ellen Willie is hugely popular for a reason. To complement warm undertones, we’d recommend selecting the shades Espresso Mix or Dark Chocolate Mix. Chocolate Mix works well if you have slightly fairer skin. This wig is part of the Pure Power Human Hair Collection, made using the finest Remy Hair available. The style is beautifully knotted, which gives a wonderfully natural appearance.

Cameron Wig by Jon Renau

If you’re looking for timeless style and flattering layers, the Cameron wig by Jon Renau is a great option. Each individual hair is hand-tied to the lace, creating the illusion that the hair is growing from your hairline, for a totally natural look. The fine lace front is so smooth and soft, we can guarantee you’ll never experience irritation. Shades for this brown wig style in German Chocolate or Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.

Brown Wig Styles by Noriko

ellen wille yara brown wig

Noriko also offer a great range of brunette styles. We suggest the Reese Wig or the Shilo Wig style.

If sassy is more your thing, then the Reese PM Wig by Noriko could be the perfect choice. This wig has been styled in a trendy bob, with beautiful choppy layers and an edgy fringe which is particularly flattering on oval faces. The cap has been expertly crafted from breathable materials, selected especially for their softness and non-irritative properties. Complement cool undertones in this style with shades like Maple Sugar and Razberry Ice.

If you are looking for long flowing brunette locks, the Shilo style may be more up your street! This style features face framing layers to flatter all face shapes and has been crafted using the highest quality materials that offer maximum comfort. Popular shades include Toasted Brown, Chocolate Swirl or Ginger Brown.

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