Wigs for Alopecia

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Joseph’s Wigs offer a wide range of top quality, comfortable wigs for our clients with alopecia to order online. Alternatively, call us to arrange a private consultation and custom fitting in our shop.

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Types of Wigs for Alopecia

There is a lot to consider when buying a wig for the first time, but our experts are here to guide you and make the experience a pleasurable one. You will find so much choice, it may seem a little hard to make a decision at first. There are many choices to be made, such as style, length, colour; but before that we need to consider the various types of wigs available.

Fibre – No need for styling, low maintenance, ready-to-wear
Human hair – Natural look, can be styled and customised

Monofilament – Realistic appearance, wear your hair parting anywhere
Hand-tied – Natural movement and comfortable
Lacefront – Choose your hairline, front part only of wig is lace

Every Joseph’s Wigs alopecia client has their own unique set of needs and desires for their wig. Our friendly and considerate staff are here to listen and find your ideal wig which fits and looks like a dream.



Alopecia Wig Consultation

Visit our Surrey store for a relaxed and comfortable chat with our experts. We offer custom measurement and style consultations to make sure you are completely happy with your wig choice, you can try as many as you’d like during your appointment and we’ll advise you on each one.

We have over 2,000 wig styles in stock, including fibre, monofilament, lace front, hand-tied and real human hair, ensuring you find the perfect alopecia wig to suit your style and fit.

During your consultation we will show you the best aftercare for your new purchase, such as how to fit your alopecia wig comfortably, and how to look after it to ensure it stays looking it’s best.

Buy Alopecia Wigs Online

Alternatively, if you are more comfortable shopping from the comfort of your own home, you can order an alopecia wig in a few clicks via our website. View the entire ladies wig range here, and order online or browse the range and call 020 8648 5541 and speak to our alopecia wig specialists for more information.

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Hairpieces & Accessories for Alopecia Clients

If you are not quite in need of a wig yet, Joseph’s Wigs offer a wide range of alopecia hairpieces to cover hair loss near the crown of the head. Our hairpieces come in a wide range of colours shapes and styles, making them fit for everyday use and special occasions. Our lightweight and comfortable designs can give our alopecia clients confidence without having to wear a full wig.

We also offer a range of scarves, turbans and wraps for our alopecia clients who like to change their style regularly or have a different look depending on the season.

Medical Wig VAT Exemption

All clients who suffer hair loss due to alopecia, or any other medical condition which causes hair loss who can provide confirmation from a doctor that they are a necessity wearer, are entitled to VAT exemption on all wig and hairpiece purchases.

VAT currently stands at 20% and this is not charged at the checkout as opposed to being shown as a discount. You can find out more about VAT exemption for our wigs here.

This does not apply to accessories such as scarves, or aftercare products such as hair treatment, combs, or shampoo and conditioners.