Wig Cap Constructions

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Wefted Wig Caps

Wefted wigs, also known as capless or open cap wigs, are known for their breathability and lightweight allowing for extra air circulation and comfort, keeping the head cool. They’re made using wefts of either synthetic or human hair and have been proven to be one of the most popular wig caps to buy. The reason for this, amongst many others, is their affordability making them ideal for occasional wig wearers who are looking for quality and comfort on a budget.


Monofilament Crown Ellen Wille Wig Cap Construction


Lace Front Cap Construction

Lace front wigs help create a natural, realistic looking hairline with a hand-constructed design that’s unnoticeable. It’s one of the most natural wig constructions available allowing you to style the wig away from your face without having to worry about the wig edge being visible. They have velvet ear tabs which allow for customisation as well as adjustable tabs to adjust the wig to your head circumference (find out how to measure your head for a wig). If you’ve lost your front hairline and want the styling versatility, size adjustability and extreme comfort, a lace front wig is best for you.

Lace Front cap construction Ellen Wille Emotion Wig

Monofilament Wigs

There are 4 different types of monofilament wigs depending on the area the sheer mesh section sits on, all of which offer total naturalness and versatility: monofilament crown, monofilament parting, monofilament top and double monofilament top wigs.

With a monofilament wig you have all the styling flexibility of a natural head of hair. They either use a lightweight soft nylon mesh or a sheer polyester at the crown of the head so your natural skin tones show through making the hair strands look like your own. In addition, the hair is individually hand-tied to the material which creates more of a multi-directional natural hair movement. Monofilament wigs are totally breathable, perfect for those with sensitive scalps.

Double monofilament wigs offer even more protection with an added layer of material. Our most popular double monofilament top wigs are from the Amore range.


Monofilament cap construction, sand rooted Ellen Wille Wig


Hand-tied Cap Construction

Regular hand tied wigs are partially hand tied around the crown and the parting areas whereas 100% hand tied wigs are hand crafted all over, from the back to the sides and crown. Hand tied wigs move just like regular hair showcasing natural movement and an extremely convincing hairline. This wig cap option is known to be one of the most secure of all as each strand of hair is hand-knotted and locked into the material. It also offers the most styling versatility; whether you prefer up dos, side partings, formal looks or half up dos, a hand tied wig offers that flexibility that other wig caps don’t. They are also by far the most comfortable wig cap available, perfect for those with sensitive scalps, suffering from alopecia or undergoing cancer treatment.

Monofilament and 100% hand tied cap construction, Ellen Wille Wigs

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