Measure Your Head for a Wig

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Wigs come in a range of different sizes and it’s important to take accurate head measurements to ensure you’re buying the correct size for you. A wig should feel as secure and comfortable as possible and getting the correct measurements can help to achieve this.

When ordering from Joseph’s Wigs online, only the circumference measurements are required. You can filter your search by wig ‘Cap Size’ with the required measurements listed.

Don’t forget, if you’re still in need of help, you can get in touch with the team at Joseph’s Wigs who will guide you through the process step by step over the phone.

Measuring Your Head’s Circumference

Before you begin, grab a flexible measuring tape to make the process easier.

Firstly, push back the hair so there’s no added length or volume. Place the tape measure in the middle of your natural hairline, facing either way, and begin running the tape all the way behind the ear right down to the nape of your neck and then back around to the starting point, again, going behind the ear.

Take the measurement twice to ensure you get the same results both times.

The average circumference cap size is between 54cm – 57cm. Anything over 57cm is considered a large size and anything under 54cm is a petite size. When browsing the wigs in our online store you’ll find the different sizes are displayed in the filter menu, enabling you to view all the wigs in your size.

And don’t worry if your head circumference measures in between the average sizes, at the back of each wig there are adjustment tabs to ensure a perfect fit. 

Watch Our Demo on How to Measure Your Head’s Circumference

Wig Measurement Chart 

Head Measurement Chart for a Wig

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Book an Appointment: Instore Wig Measurements

If you would prefer to book a private appointment, get in touch with us to arrange. We’ll help take the correct measurements you need, in store, taking front to back measurements as well as circumference measurements to ensure you find the perfect wig fitting.