Choosing the Right Wig

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With such a range of colours, styles and types of wigs to choose from, finding your perfect wig may feel overwhelming. To achieve a natural, stunning look, it’s important to take time finding a wig that not only complements and enhances your natural appearance but also feels comfortable and gives you confidence.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wig

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a wig, however, there are factors to consider that’ll help determine what type of wigs will suit you best. However you go about making your decision, here are a few pointers and tips to ensure you have the basics covered when making your big purchase.

Face Shape

Choosing a wig depending on your wig

When choosing a wig, it’s important to consider your face shape so that you can match different wig styles to emphasise your facial features. Listed below are different types of face shapes and the wigs that work best.


If you have an oval face shape, lucky you! This is considered the ‘perfect facial shape’ of them all and can be matched with almost every wig style and colour. Although, straight wigs with middle partings look best, try to tie your wig into a sleek ponytail and let the hair fall over one shoulder for a professional, stylish appeal. If you have a small forehead and a lower hairline, however, go for a side-swept fringe look instead.


If you have a round face, find a wig that shapes your face and creates a narrower appearance. Long and short wigs, without fringes, and middle partings work beautifully. Off centre partings also work well as they attract the eye to one part of the face, rather than the middle. Alternatively wigs with longer layered fronts that can be volumized also work well.

Long and curly Seduction Wig from the Orchid Collection at Joseph's Wigs


Square face shapes call for longer layered bobs, either straight, curly or wavy styles, that help to soften a harsh jawline and slim the face. Avoid any style that’s bluntly cut, like a blunt bob as this will accentuate your jaw creating a boxy effect, rather focus on increasing volume and thinning the sides to soften your overall look.


Heart shaped faces are ‘top heavy’ therefore you want to balance out your look by adding volume to the chin with your wig. This can be hard to achieve with a hairstyle, however, so shaping your wig around the eyes can also compliment your style. Anything too short tends to create a boxy look, aim for a wig that has longer layers and avoid short layers.


If you have a diamond shaped face, you’ll have wider cheekbones and a narrower chin and forehead, therefore a wig with thin or fine sides will help to reduce the width at the widest point of your face and create a slimmer look. Go for a bob wig, either straight or curly, these styles will suit you best.


Oblong face shapes are best suited to voluminous curly/wavey wigs that have full sides. This helps to create more of an oval face shape and will flatter your facial features exquisitely. In addition, you could go for a with that has a fringe or bangs which also helps to shorten your face shape for a more symmetrical overall look.

High Impact Short Wig by Gabor at Joseph's Wigs


For pear shaped faces, your answer is bob wigs. Whether you prefer straight, curly or wavy bobs, a bob wig will help to cut off the width of a wider jaw and focuses the attention on all the right places. Choose a full layer wig with added volume or opt for a shaggy style. Equally, avoid any jaw length wigs or straight cut styles as these will harshen your overall look.

Human Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Wigs

Wigs nowadays are known for their ever-evolving wig technology that enables all types of wigs to look just like your own hair. Both human hair and synthetic wigs look extremely natural and offer a range of unique benefits, however there are a couple of distinguishing factors that may sway you either way. Whether you have a higher budget and prefer wig versatility or prefer a wig that’s easy to maintain and holds its initial shape better, it’s important to find a wig that works for you so you get the most out of it.

Read our blog, ‘Real Human Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Wigs’ that compares the two wig types in detail to help you make the decision.

Choosing the Right Wig Size

Choosing the right wig size for your head is critical to achieving the comfort you’re looking for, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Most wigs have hooks, clips or Velcro tape on the side which allows you to adjust the wig accordingly. When putting the wig on, the wig cap should go underneath your ears; if it sits over your ears this means the wig is too big. When you receive your wig it’s important to spend time getting to know your wig, tweaking the ear tabs until you feel comfortable, and the wig feels secure.

Learn how to measure your head for a wig to ensure you choose the right wig size.

Hair Placement

When choosing a wig, it’s vital you buy a wig you like in its natural state as it’s difficult/impossible to change the way the hair on the wig flows from the roots. Elements like colour and length of the wig can be changed however the hair placement cannot. The wigs original hair placement should ideally match the positioning of your natural parting and if you’re looking to go for a wig with a fringe then deciding on a wig with the correct positioning and thickness is crucial.

High Fashion Long Wig by Raquel Welch at Joseph's WigsStyling Your Wig After Purchase

If you’ve invested in an expensive human hair wig, or synthetic wig, be extremely careful when styling your wig after purchase as you cannot undo any mistakes. Cutting, colouring, and shaping the wig should be done by a professional wig stylist to ensure you don’t ruin the wig and you achieve the look you want.

The best way of ensuring you achieve a style that suits you is wearing the wig during your appointment so that the wig can be styled to suit and match your natural features as opposed to the other way around. This gives the hairstylist a clear image of what the wig looks like against your natural face shape and features, which ensures the wig is styled to your liking and to best emphasise your natural beauty.

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